Saturday, April 23, 2011

Saturday's Thrifty Finds!

Today there was a swap meet at one of our local churches.  All this stuff was FREE!  I'm so excited!

I found a cute FREE Mercury Glass Pumpkin!

A FREE trophy vase.  I won it for best deals of the day!  lol

Some FREE square wood plates.

FREE Outdoor candle holders

FREE Blue striped pillows - originally was thinking of using them for forms, but realized they match my GW finds of ticking shams!  Going to the guestroom!  I also found a "secret" item, new in the box, which is going to be a Christmas present.

Off to visit my friends now at the APA Thriftshop!  I will actually have to PAY for stuff there! 


  1. Great finds! I hope you get some good deals at the thrift stores!

  2. Great Finds! Those mercury glass pumpkins were a hot ticket last year.