Tuesday, April 5, 2011

What is this Neptune Cherub Thingy?

Ok, found this weird little Neptune cherub thingy at the thrift shop the other day.  It is cast iron.  He has a rack growing out of the top of his head.  Any ideas of his original purpose?

Here's what I did with him!  He got a coat of Krylon dove white and a distressing.  He will now hold the mail that is to go out to the mailbox.  Kinda cute now!


  1. What a fascinating little fellow! I have no idea what he was originally but your use as a letter holder seems perfect!
    wishing you sunshine in your shadows

  2. What an unusual find! Seems perfect as a letter holder. I can't imagine what it's original use was. Looks great painted white! Thanks for sharing and for linking up to my party.

  3. I found a similar thing also thought of a mail or towel holder??? I am going to spray paint mine mayb add a lil birdnest or something

  4. great find! It does seem perfect as a letter holder!

  5. I really do not know so I will say it is to hold toast.