Homearama Drama - Living Rooms

Today I went to Homearama and walked through 22, YES 22, homes in a heat index of about 110.  Let me tell you, it was HOT!  I took lots of pics.  I'm going to start off with living rooms.  In the next couple of weeks, I will be posting other designer features.  Here you go!

Silver and grey were very, very popular colors.  There were also a lot of "new" (but not to us bloggers) ideas like metallic furniture, mirrored furniture and everything french.

Ooo la la Paris-inspired decor.

This ceiling was made from drywall.  It was pretty cool!

Hope you enjoyed the living rooms!  Check back for our next installment: Bedrooms!


  1. Ohhh, exactly why I couldn't go... that HEAT!
    Thanks for sharing your pics with us! I have known all year that pantone had the color of the year ALL wrong! I knew it was gray not PINK! duh!


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