Baby Jett is Coming Soon!

We are getting ready to have another sweet grandbaby!  His name will be Jett Michael.  We are so excited to meet him!

The baby shower was last Sunday.  I made Letter Wall Hangings that spell JETT.  I will take a better picture when I go back to visit.  I took these in my craft room, which doesn't have a lot of hanging wall space.

I bought four 8x10" canvases and painted them, two blue and two brown, with acrylic paints.  I bought four chipboard letters J, E, T, T.  I painted a couple of white base coats on the letters to prime them.  Then I painted the background in alternating colors of white, brown, tan, and blue.  I had to let each coat thoroughly dry.    I then drew different patterns on each letter, using fine point paint brushes.  I used circle stencils for the stencils, and blue painter's tape for the plaid.  This was the longest project EVER because of waiting for each color to dry so it wouldn't run into the other colors.

I cut 4 lengths of ribbon the same length,  then tied bows.  I measured carefully before I stapled them on the back of the canvas, so that each frame would hang the same way.  If they choose not to use the ribbon, they can just tuck the ribbon behind the canvas.    More pics later when I go to visit Jett after he's born!


  1. Terri! Your letters look fabulous. You did a great job painting them.
    I'm excited for you!

  2. You made a wonderful wall hanging for your soon to be grandson Jett.


  3. Congratulations! "Grands" are absolutely the best gift in the world! Super-cute lettering idea.

  4. I love your future grandson's name! And I love that you made this for his room. It's a cute, cute idea. I'm your newest follower.

  5. How cute!! I would love for you to link up Thursday to "It's a Party"!

  6. So cute! This will look terrific hung up in the nursery! Thanks for sharing and for linking up to my party.


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