Sweet Peaches, It's Jam!

My sister and I picked 58 lbs of peaches on Saturday at Pratt's Farm in Lebanon, TN.  It was so much fun!  The trees were loaded, I tell you, LOADED with peaches!

My task this week is putting up my half of the peaches.  I made Peach Jam, Peach Jelly and froze some peaches.  We have been eating lots of them!  Ohhhh yummy they are so juicy and delicious!

I found this Peach Jam Recipe that is made without pectin.  First, scored the peaches and then peeled the peaches by submersing them in boiling water for a minute, then into a cold ice bath.

Then I cut up the peaches, packaging some for freezing and using others for jam.

I added the sugar and lemon juice and let it sit for about an hour to make more juice.

I save the peels (not the pits) for Peeling and Pit Peach Jelly.  Back to the Jam...

I cooked the peach jam as directed, except I used my immersion blender to make a smoother consistency.  I ladled the jam into hot jars, then put on the lids, put them in the water bath for 10 minutes and then let them cool.  YUM!

For the Peeling and Pit Jelly, I cooked the peels for 30 minutes at a rolling boil, then let them sit overnight.  I strained the peelings and added the juice to pectin and sugar for some peach jelly.
Then I ladled and cooled them as I did the jam jars.  Wonderful peaches!  Yummy!


  1. I've been looking for a peach jam recipe without pectin, so it gelled ok?


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