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Bathroom Cabinet from Scratch!

Hello!  I have been gone for quite a while!  I was on a project for work that sucked all most of my personal time.

I have a few projects to post, starting with the one we just finished today!

I loved this little Whitney Cabinet Cabinet from Ballard Design. We needed a cabinet for our half bath.

Hubby built this fantastic cabinet and used trim to create interesting features.  I didn't take ANY pictures of his process because I was busy refinishing our kitchen table (post to come). I was the finisher and since the weather hasn't been cooperating, it took me a long time to finish! First, I applied stain and poly to the top only.

It's still wet here, so you can see the high gloss.  It turned out with a nice, satin finish.  I had to do this in the kitchen because it was WAY to cold out in the garage.
A view from the top.

We had a couple of days of warmer weather, so I hurried out to the "paint booth" in our garage and sprayed it.  I used Benjamin Moore Aura White Do…

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