Think On These Things Silhouette Wall Hanging

I just got a new Silhouette SD machine (thank you, Hubs)!  Of course, I started with a couple of small projects, but then I went for the gusto and tried a big one. 

I lucked out with a couple of frames at my neighbor's yard sale for $1 each.  I was supposed to be selling stuff at ours, but I was actually out shopping. So much for cleaning out the garage!  This is what they looked like before.  

A few coats of primer and Krylon Dover White and they were ready for some lettering.

  I printed out the scripture on my Silhouette SD Machine. I was a little daunted at first, but doing is the best way to learn!  I also got a few tips from my friend Gail at My Repurposed Life.  She is the Silhouette Queen!

I cut the words in manageable pieces, then used transfer material to lift the letters.  You then position the transfer material onto the surface and burnish the letters, then lift off the transfer paper.  Sorry, I don't have pictures because both of my hands were occupied!

After transferring all the lettering, I burnished them again to make sure they were sticking really good.  I haven't decided if I'm going to put a protective coat of poly over the top or not.  For now I'm just going to leave it as is.

Here they are again, garage sale print to Fabulous Vinyl Wall Hanging!


  1. Great project. Loved the repurposed picture frame idea. There is a lot of ugly art out there that could be made pretty instead of filling our landfills.

  2. LOVE it!! :) I have a cricut expression and I was a cutting maniac when I first got it...lucky for everyone in the house I've calmed down a bit! lol I like your scripture hanging...and also the little ghosts on your daughters phone! lol
    Oh...and that banana bread was delish! :)
    We definitely need to plan on getting together again soon. You are more than welcome to drive out to my parts too....we have Goodwills and peddlers malls too! :)
    Love ya lady

  3. the Silhouette Queen loves your new artwork! You did a super job Terri.
    thanks for linking up and linking back to catch as catch can.
    catching you this week!

  4. I love how this turned out. So lucky to have your own Silhouette. Have fun creating!

  5. Lucky girl, what fun to have Silhouette machine.

    Found your site from the Charming Zebra. I hope you can visit my blog too.



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