Beautiful Ballerina Tutu Bow Holder Tutorial

My little nieces have LOTS of bows and barrettes...and they love ballerinas!  For Abigail's birthday, I made her a beautiful Tutu Bow Holder by following the directions here.

I used black foam board for the bodice. It was 12" long.  I cut it in the shape of a bodice with an exacto knife.

I used black, white and hot pink tulle for the skirt. I stapled the tulle to the foam board.

I covered the bodice with remnants from a black stretchy velvet skirt I had bought at Goodwill a couple of years ago.  I glued the fabric to the foam core with my hot glue gun, right side out.

I wrapped ribbon around the bodice.  This can be used to attach barrettes.

I attached ribbon to the shoulders for hanging the bow holder.

 I cut coordinating ribbons for the front of the tutu.  These will be the actual bow holders.  The ribbons are as long as the tulle for the skirt.

I stapled the ribbon to the foam board.  For the finishing touches, I added another black velvet piece to the back, folding the edges under.  I glued a row of pink feathers at the top of the tulle to cover the staples holding the ribbons.

Voila!  The beautiful Ballerina Tutu Bow Holder!  The girls loved it so much, they wanted to wear it!


  1. I love the colors ..My grand daughter would love this!
    I don't sew a whole lot but I think I can figure this out!

  2. This is the best tutorial I have ever seen for a Tutu Bow Holder! I love it!


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