Stop, Wait a Minute, Mr. Postman!

In my neighborhood we all have matching mailboxes.
This is not my neighborhood.

At our recent Homeowner's Association meeting, the president talked about how the mailboxes are really showing some wear, so fix 'em up or pay the mailbox company $90 to do it!

Ummmm, NO WAY am I paying someone $90 to come paint my mailbox.

Of course, I forgot to take a before pic, so I snuck a pic of my neighbor's mailbox, because our poor mailbox was as sad and forlorn as this one.

When I tried to gently remove the numbers, they CRUMBLED!  In pieces!  A lot of them!  I guess being out in the sun for 8 years just made them dry rot.  The problem was, I hadn't found replacements.  Oh well, it's easy to get mailbox numbers, these were pretty standard items, right?  NOT!

Home Depot, Lowe's, Wally World, Tru Value...the only numbers sans holes were 5" 3-d brass doohickeys at $5 a pop...and I needed 8.  Ummmm, again NO.  Last resort was a stop at Hobby Lobby and I found some wall hanging type numbers, a little big, and black so they were the wrong color, but hey!  I have spray paint!  And the best part was - $3 each, but 50% off!  I got them for $1.50 each!

So I took them home, pried off the hangers from the back and hit them with some hammered brass spray paint.  A couple quick coats of glossy black on the mail box and post, some red to spruce up the flag, and the new numbers glued on with some 9001 glue, and here you go!  Spiffed up mailbox, just WAITING for my new Ballard and PB catalogues to arrive!  WOO HOO!

By the way, Hubby says, "Those big numbers kinda grow on you."  Well, yeah.


  1. I love em! They make a statement, checks stop here:) Thanks for joining my newbie party.

  2. Love the numbers! Nice and big, noone can miss it

  3. I love the re-do! As soon as it stops raining here, I will tackle my mailbox... either that, or build an ark. Love the big numbers!


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