Love Frames Tutorial!

I found some of my favorite brass frames at Tickled Pink a couple of weeks ago.  They are OLD!  They have curved glass on the front and some really ancient flower pictures inside.  I got them for $3.23 each (12.92 for the 4)! The picture size is about 9" x 6"...a really strange size.  But that's not all that's strange about these frames...

When I took them apart to paint, the photos were GLUED ON THE GLASS!  I have never seen photos applied directly to the glass.  I was tempted to just throw away that part, but the curved glass was too neat and old to throw away.  I soaked them overnight in soapy water and then scraped the photos off the glass.  It's probably my luck they were worth like a million dollars that way.  I primed then painted them with my favorite white, Krylon's Dover White.  

Another thrifty find for today - 2 rolls of paintable embossed wallpaper for $1 a roll!

I cut 4 pieces into 8.5"x11" sheets and ran them through the printer to print the letters
L O V E.

I spray mounted them to the backing of the frame.  I ended up having to use regular white glue around the edges.

I put the backs on the frames and VOILA!  Four beautiful white brass frames with a reminder to love right there in my family room!

I'm still working on redoing the family room.  I hope for a reveal in just a few weeks!  Thanks for reading and I hope you'll follow me!


  1. Cute idea! I like how they turned out.

  2. Nice! Worth all that work to remove the pictures.....

  3. Oh these are SO pretty! At first I thought you were going to say you threw away the curved glass!!! SO glad you didn't and yes, I too was thinking "I hope those prints weren't valuable" -- haha! Great job on these!

  4. So pretty! I like how you used the wallpaper~

  5. Oh those look so cute! Thanks for sharing with the newbie party. What a great idea to share.


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