Romantic Daybed Canopy

We are in the middle of redecorating my daughter's room from little girl to teen young lady.  I'll be posting pics of the projects as we go along.

The latest project was to make a canopy above her day bed.

She has the bonus room above the garage, so her room has a slanted ceiling.  To add a canopy took some figuring out!

Here's the before:

To make the canopy, I used 2 - 8' firring strips from Home Depot, which were under $2 each. I cut them so they were 2" longer than the bed on each side. I covered them with zebra stripe Duct Tape, which I found at JoAnn's for about $3.50.

I measured the front of the canopy to fall in front of the bed, but far enough away so it wouldn't interfere with the ceiling fan. I loosely attached one firring strip there.  I attached the other firring strip at the bottom of the slanted ceiling. Make sure you screw into the studs.

I used 6 shimmering, romantic curtain panels from Ikea (9.99 for 2) to make the canopy.  The colors match the Pottery Barn teen bed cover.  I slid the panels under the firring strips.  After adjusting the lengths, I tightened the screws to hold the panels in place.



Very Romantic!!!!


  1. Very cool! I love that zebra duct tape too!

    Nice to "meet" another KY momma blogger! Thanks for stopping by!


  2. I love the canopy's colors- it has Moroccan vibe to it that looks amazing with the bedding! Super job!! BTW, that is the grooviest duct tape I have ever seen!

  3. Oooh! The colours are so stunning and dramatic!

  4. Terri - Fantastic job on the canopy - the colors are so pretty together. Thanks so much for linking to the Sunday Showcase Party - I greatly appreciate it. I have featured this today. Hope the rest of your week is wonderful~ Stephanie Lynn


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