This Weekend's Thrifty Finds!

Garage Sale Season is here!  So, my sweet daughter and I have this great approach to garage sales - sleep in, then hit the garage sales as they are closing.  We score free stuff all the time!

The free items this week were 2 Vera Bradley wallets.  I didn't get a pic of them before she whisked them off to the laundry.  Also not pictured is her big ole frame she got to do a PB remake $1.

Other fabulous finds:

Resin decorative sconce shelf $2.

2 Wood post tops and 2 fleur de lis finials, $1 each.

2 brand new rolls of embossed paintable wallpaper, $1 each.  Already used in my Love Frames project.

Cute little mantle clock, will be redone. $1.89 GW.

Bookends, GW $ 2.89

Huge, heavy heavy heavy candlestick. Mrs. Peacock in the Library Style. $2 at GW.

Antique Floor Lamp that will get reworked. $10 at APA Thriftiness.

Yeah, good finds this weekend! Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!


  1. happy happy joy joy indeed! No yard sales for me this weekend. Went to an estate sale with jamie and andy on saturday. I didn't buy anything. Then we went to the flealand in bowling green. Jamie and andy bought stuff, but I didn't buy anything there either.
    I went to Trading Post on Dixie today and bought a couple of things for jamie.
    It is SOOOOO hot. I can hardly stand to walk out the door today.
    enjoy the rest of your long weekend,

  2. Great finds! The clock is my favorite!

  3. Wonderful thrifty finds!! You can do so much with them!!
    I am so happy to hear that someone else in the world is NOT doing everything white!!
    I'm also following you!

  4. You scored some great stuff! I am jealous:) I need to go garage saleing more often!!

  5. Great finds! The antique lamp looks as though it could be a beauty!

  6. Great finds-! It looks like the tall candle holder is actually a vintage ashtray. And, probably worth money if that's the case.


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