Thank You to Those Who Serve

Happy Memorial Day!  I just want to give a heartfelt thanks to those family, friends, and others who serve our country in so many ways.

This Memorial Day is a week before my son, Hunter, deploys to Iraq with the KYARNG.  We love him dearly and will miss him.  We wish a safe and quick deployment for his brigade.

I also want to thank my oldest son, Justin, for serving over 6 years in the KY Army National Guard, with one (very long for mama) deployment to Iraq.

Justin and his father, John, served together in Iraq.  Lt. Col. John just retired after a 26 years in the Army.

Thanks go out to my awesome hubby, David, a former Marine (what a baby face here!)

My ret Air Force Uncle Bill,  my Marine cousins Craig and Josh, my late grandfathers Dale, Eugene and Lyle, and a multitude of friends who have served or are still serving: Keith, Drew, Matt, Hinkle, Dave, Larry, Jarrod, Alfredo,  Chuck, and many more.

We love you and thank you for our freedom!


  1. May all of those guys be safe and return home very soon!
    Handsome crew you got there Terri!

  2. WONDERFUL post, such a strong family military history! (Thanks so much for your very kind comments on my puny little blog, by the way!) I'm a vet too, having served in the Canadian Air Force for several decades. Happy Memorial Day to you!

  3. Hi Terri~

    Such an honorable post, thanks so much for sharing. My husband is USAF, a K9 handler & has done his fair share of Iraqi deployments. From one military family to another, thank you for your service to our wonderful country!! I am honored to be a new follower of your blog & invite you to link to my K.I.S.S. Blog Bash. :)


    Drop By The Tattered Tag

  4. Wow - we have a few of our friend's children serving in Afghanistan and a few in Irag. I want to thank you and your amazing family for their service. Praying for your handsome son Hunter. Please let him know that there are just everyday kinds of people that will keep him in their thoughts. I lost my only uncle that I never met in WW2. Lost over Burma and wish I could thank him. Thank you and your family
    Following your blog - your family is priceless!

  5. Thank you for sharing your brave young Men with us. We thank them very much for all they do!


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