Fabric Flower Necklaces

I love the new Anthropologie-inspired fabric flowers!  I saw that Miss Priss posted a fabric flower necklace tutorial on her blog.  I decided to give it a go!

I found two faux pearl necklaces at the thrift shop for only $3 each!  Here's one of them.

 I also have a jar full of pearls for embellishments!

I bought half a yard each of ivory and grey organza.  It was on sale for $5 a yard and I used about 1/8 of a yard, so about .65 for 3 flowers. I bought 2 squares of felt in ivory and grey for .38 each.  I used pearls I had for the embellishments in the middle.  Each necklace cost me about $4.

I first cut circles for the flowers.  Each flower has 3 circles each of 3 sizes, using 9 circles in all.  I made a big flower that used 4", 3" and 1" circles.  The smaller flowers had 3", 2" and 1" circles.

To seal the edges and make the petal curl, carefully and quickly run a lighter over the edges of the flowers.  CAUTION - Be careful of your hair and fingers.  I kept a wet paper towel close by in case I needed to douse my melting flower.

After finishing the edges, layer the circles as petals and tack them into place.

After sewing the petals together, add the pearls as embellishments.  I sewed each pearl individually, knotting at the back, but you could also carefully glue with a tiny dot of hot glue.

After sewing the flowers, cut 2 small felt circles per flower.  These will be used to go around the beads or your necklace.

Hot glue a felt circle to the back of each flower.  Lay the necklace on the flowers and hot glue the other circle over the top of the necklace.  I was careful not to get any glue on the beads so that I could adjust the location of the flowers as I like.

Turn the necklace over and adjust the flowers as you like them!

I also made one in grey.   I got more practice on heating up the flowers so they'll curl.  The ivory one was not curled enough, so I went back and used my heat gun VERY CAREFULLY to give the flowers some more shape.

Which do you like better, grey or ivory?  It's hard to decide!

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  1. Love it! I just did this for my wedding flowers. Gotta watch not getting to close to the flame with your fingers.

  2. I also used my heat gun and it worked great for giving the flowers some "curl" and dimension.

  3. I just did a t-shirt like this. This is what worked for me. I lit a candle and used a long tweezers to hold the flower. It is so much easier to control that way. Your necklace is beautiful. I will have to try the same method for a necklace. Thanks!

  4. Pretty! Love the flowers with the pearls!

  5. This necklace is SOOO pretty! very feminine. I'd love for you to link it up to my link party, Your Whims Wednesday! http://mygirlishwhims.blogspot.com/2011/05/your-whims-wednesday-6-and-features.html

  6. Terri - These are so pretty - I love the flowers paired with the pearls- beautiful! Thanks again for linking to the Sunday Showcase Party - I greatly appreciate it. I have featured this today too. Hope the rest of your week is wonderful~ Stephanie Lynn

  7. I've seen so many DIY flower necklaces out there but this is absolutely my favorite cause it's so soft and feminine! I LOVE it! Newest follower! :)

  8. This is SO SO pretty. I love necklaces with fabric flowers, such a fav :)

    Thanks for linking up to Your Whims Wednesday! Hope to see ya again this week :)


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